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Aim and Goal of the Project:

Construction of clinics and equipping community health centers with the necessary tools especially in remote areas of Africa south of the Sahara. With this we hope to reduce the child mortality rate, and support mother-child survival during delivery.



Situation at Hand

The people in rural parts of most African countries depend on small clinics with under-equipped staff. Public large hospitals are usually located many kilometers away and linked by very poor infrastructure. For critical cases, which need to take the long route to the hospital, because the poor means of transport (mostly by bicycle) patients end up dying on the way! There is a need for quick access to well-staffed and equipped hospital/clinics especially for the mothers, children and elderly.



Connection with other Projects

Sustainable poverty alleviation.


What makes this Project so important?

Life revolves around health. Only healthy people can participate in development.


Project Difficulties

Apart from bad roads especially upcountry, electricity supply can be a huge hinderance in villages. The Projects must have the ability to run on solar.


Project Risks

Ensuring availability of qualified personnel.


Investment needed

32000 Euros can build a health center. Hospital gadgets can be acquired second hand.


Goal of the project is not

Favouring Individual human beings. It is a community basic asset.


Trinity House, Opposite Police Headquarters, Accra, Ghana


Tel:: +233-302-763-845