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Aim and Goal:

Provide safe and clean drinking water to the underpriviledged societies and those who cannot afford, through construction of water wells.


Problem Statement

In many villages in Africa, water-sources are usually natural wells. With changing climatic conditions, these wells dry out so often, that communities need supporting water-sources like built wells and boreholes. Unfortunately boreholes too, break down so often and cannot continously supply the necessary and needed clean drinking water all the time. Water is a vital food, a main component in all organisms, a politicized and endangered commodity. Water has a serious intrinsically dynamic force, has a cleansing effect, for us human beings. Without external financial support, a lot of villages are unable to come out their viscious cycles of poverty, thus unable to provide for the basic needs like water.



Connection with other Projects

Sustainable poverty reduction / mitigation


What makes this Project so important?

Water is life. It is about addressing a basic human need!


Project Difficulties

There is currently no access to electricity in big parts of Africa. The water projects must run through solar operation.



Project Risks

Ensuring the repair and maintenance activities especially of Boreholes.


Investment needed

3000 Euros can drill and build a Borehole


Prerequisites for the Project start

Boreholes and wells can be built anytime, once the necessary capital is available. Sustained through involving the Benefiaciaries.


Goal of the project is not

To set up individual water projects. It is about community assets.



Trinity House, Opposite Police Headquarters, Accra, Ghana


Tel:: +233-302-763-845