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According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), students from the “South” and in specific African countries (south of the Sahara) are very mobile, with one in 16 studying abroad. Most of them go to western European countries like Germany. Despite the often very challenging situations experienced by “Southern” students abroad, many graduates go on to hold important positions in their home countries – including those who have studied in Germany and Europe at large. However, there is also a remarkable number of African graduates who remain in Europe after completing their studies, a phenomenon known as BRAIN-DRAIN. One reason for this is: Bad Governance in their home countries. The connections between BRAIN-DRAIN, BRAIN-GAINand GOOD & BAD GORVERNANCE therefore need to be addressed in the international discourse in development politics.

CLEAN-AFRICA and AGGN are holding for the second time a BRAIN-GAIN Conference on the topic: “The Future of the African Child” in view of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a target group of graduates and postgraduates students, academia and researchers with interest in sustainable development in Africa or in the general “South”.

The Conference aims at:

  • Providing an open Discourse about the Status-Quo regarding Child Security in Africa (Health, Educational opportunities, Water & Food and Environmental & Social security. Through Workshops and Presentations elucidate the inadequate Child Security Situations, its Causes and Implications as well examine the depth of the new SDG’s towards ensuring Child Security
  • The Program will showcase examples of “southern” experts and in particular from Africa, who have acquired knowledge and skills in Germany and are drawing on them in developing their home countries. Also it offers Students the opportunity not only to engage in dialogue and Network but also to raise awareness among “Southern” students and alumni of their individual potential to contribute to the development of their home countries.


The conference will focus on the current social, economic and political situation. It will provide advice on how BRAIN-GAIN can be a possible remedy to Child Insecurity and showcase some positive contributions made by the Diaspora. Additional presentation of; existing North-South Development Cooperation Programmes and Job/Scholarship/Grant Opportunities in the new UN-African Year of Development will also be made.

Organizers and Partners: The African Good Governance Network in Conjunction with CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. and Partners.


Trinity House, Opposite Police Headquarters, Accra, Ghana


Tel:: +233-302-763-845