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In pursuit to reach developed nations status, living standards, water and energy consumption trends of the rich and industrial countries are being blindly adapted by the middle income to the elite in most of the developing countries of which sub-Sahara Africa (SSA) is prominent. In the SSA region where large percentages of people have no access to portable water, electricity and live in bad environmental conditions, if the rich minority of the SSA population continues this blind adaptation, the poor would tend to copy and will thus pose serious threat to the region’s ecological integrity of human existence.


In the industrial countries where the infrastructure is adequately developed to manage the waste generated by building construction from their immediate communities and also address health issues arising from sick building syndromes, they have still resorted to encouraging green building design and construction. Guidelines, Checklists, principles and even forums had been formed in the developed countries like Germany, Britain, North-America and Sweden to address the issue of building ecologically responsive buildings and development due to the threat it poses to the environment whereas its practically absent in the SSA region.


Although large populations in the SSA are struggling for daily survival and to make ends meet, the building industry and its professionals cannot look with apathy to the practices which are detrimental to sustainability with regards to the environment, economy and public health.


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